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The Cast

Appearing as themselves in the film:

Miriama Bibi
Georgia's close friend

Andrew Coghill
the landlord

Tawake Evans
Wyatt's best friend

Petero Gopal
Sia's husband, the cane knife incident

Teresia (Sia) Gopal
family cook & friend

Vijen Nair
manager of Damodar Brothers, Fijian distributor/exhibitor

Keni Madden
friend & long-time (John Wayne) 180MC attendee

Detective Narayan
CSI Fiji

Waisako Rokotuitai
"protects" John at cinema ("Him and the wife are different")

Elia Bibi
projectionist (X2 trailer upside down & backwards)

Namaj & Domingo
AWOL projectionists, Namaj in the green truck

Marica Tabalala
Holy Cross principal (the western media)

Vilimone Raqiawa
Primary school headmaster (European tricks)

Lavinia Taylor
Georgia's friend, searching for her

Vilisita Evans
Tawake's mother

Father Ben McKenna
Marist priest/Tutu Mission ("John was proud of what he wrote")

Brother Simon O'Connor
Marist priest/Tutu Mission

Subhash Chandra
eldest Dayaram son ("Of course you can come. You'll have to pay.")

Dhansukh Lal
middle Dayaram son who ran the 180MC, now in NZ

Ambaran Dayaram
the patriarch who built the 180MC

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