Split Screen '99 - Episode #39

Airs on May 31st, 1999 - 8:00pm, 11:00pm, and 4:45am
Repeats on Saturday - June 5th, 1999 - 5:30am and
Sunday - June 6th, 1999 - 5:30pm

Red Leader
John's been first in the Star Wars line at the Ziegfeld for months, let's see who's next in line. Adam Kleid introduces us to Robert Cartagena, aka Red Leader, for a look at the serious business of waiting.

Keepin' It Real
FBI procedures are a constant in movies. Since Tanya Hamilton was writing a crime thriller screenplay she headed south to talk to the experts.

Tubb in Taos
Split Screen's favorite bullrider Barry Tubb, heads out west to the Taos Talking Pictures Fest where first prize is a $5,000 land grant.

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