Episode #39 Credits

Created and Hosted by
John Pierson

Howard Bernstein
Eureka Pictures

Associate Producer
Michael LaHaie

Executive Producers
Janet Pierson
John Pierson

Production Associate
Howard Gertler
Eureka Pictures

Assistant Editors
Laura Poitras

P.H. O'Brien

Still Photography
Amy Elliott

Opening produced by
Karl Bourke

Theme Music by
Josh Braun and Dan Braun

Red Leader
Producer/Director Adam Kleid

Camera Matt Clark

Associate Producer Adman Stein

Sound Walter Coley

Boom Jesse Daly

Special Thanks
Robert Cartegena and the NY Line
Countingdown.com, Kimberly Berman,
The Ziedfeld Theater, Tennessee
Mountain, Forbidden Planet

Keepin' it Real
Producer/Director Tanya Hamilton
Camera Paul Francis

Sound Dan Friedlaender

Additional Camera Tyrone Sheridan

"Three Days of the Condor" "The Conversation"
"Witness" courtesy Paramount
"The Omen" "The X-Files"
courtesy 20th Century Fox
"The Silence of the Lambs" courtesy Orion
"Dressed to Kill" courtesy Filmways Pictures
"Donnie Brasco" courtesy Columbia Tristar
"Seven" courtesy New Line Cinema
"Nuns On the Run" courtesy Handmade Films
"Heat" courtesy Warner Brothers

Special Thanks
Kim Niekirk, Marty Marino

Tubb in Taos
Producer/Correspondent Barry Tubb

Editor/Camera Mark Bullard

2nd Camera Debra Eisenstadt
Hugh Casey
David W. Henry

Assistant Camera Mike Odom
Sue Molnar
Fracisca Vega

Avid Provided by Katie Peters

Technical Support Gabe Lopez-Shaw
David Nicholson

All clips courtesy of the filmmakers

Special Thanks
Toas Talking Picture Festival, Kelly Clement
Ellen Osborn, D. Dancer Dearing, Josh Bryant,
Jeff Jackson, Jan Mirkin at Mirkin Mgt. Austin

"Muddy Jesus"
written and performed by Ian Moore
contact www.ianmoore.com

On-line Editor
John Young

Post-Production Facilities
Isis Films, NYC

Special thanks to Jonathan Sehring
and Caroline Kaplan at IFC
for making it all possible

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