Episode #29 - Season Three

It's the second to last show of the season. John takes a moment to revisit the wear and tear on the beloved Split Screen RV.

Manitoba Tonight: Guy Maddin
Talk show, Winnipeg style. Canadian filmmaker Noam Gonick brings us Manitoba Tonight, where visionary director Guy Maddin (Tales from Gimley Hospital, Archangel, Twilight of the Ice Nymphs) banters with hosts Tracy McCourt and Evan Kroeker.

How'd You Do That: Archival FX
Split Screen applauds filmmaker Steven Bognar's (Personal Belonging) quest to make even the most personal films more cinematic. In her continuing series, How'd You Do That, Yvonne Welbon picks up some creative tips on how to use "funky techniques" to raise the filmmaking bar. Kind of a "This Old House" for filmmakers.

Ready, Willing & Able
"Mission: Impossible Meets Ironside." That's how once Muscular Dystrophy poster girl now turned indie action flick director describes her latest, Ready, Willing & Able. Brian Flemming and Keythe Farley introduce us to director Jenni Gold, whose unique vision includes, ""The Arnold, Bruce, Sly part played by a woman in a wheelchair."

When most of us consider "Jamaica" and "film" we come up with the reggae classic, The Harder They Come. Tanya Hamilton took a longer look to discover several decades of Jamaican film culture.

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