Episode #29 Credits

Created and Hosted by
John Pierson

Howard Bernstein
Eureka Pictures

Associate Producer
Michael LaHaie

Executive Producers
Janet Pierson
John Pierson

Production Associate
Howard Gertler
Eureka Pictures

Assistant Editor
Laurie Poitras

Opening produced by
Karl Bourke

Theme Music by
Josh Braun
Dan Braun

Split Screen On the Road
Camera P.H. O'Brien
Driver/Stills Amy Elliott

Manitoba Tonight: Guy Maddin
Director/Editor Noam Gonick
Producer Howard Gertler
Writers Tracy McCourt
Evan Kroeker
Noam Gonick
Hosts Tracy McCourt
Evan Kroeker
Production Assistants Terry Bennett
Paul Butler
On-Line Editor Bruce Little,
Mid-Canada Video
Studio CKY-TV, Winnipeg
Clips courtesy Mark Stevenson and Guy Maddin

How'd You Do That: Archival FX
Director Yvonne Welbon
Camera/Associate Producer Catherine Crouch
On-Line Editor C. Webb Young
Music Joseph Welbon

"Personal Belongings" courtesy of P.O.V./PBS

Ready, Willing and Able
Producers Brian Flemming
Keythe Farley

Camera Dan Donley

Sound Carlos Guinto

Editor Brian Flemming

"Ready, Willing and Able" courtesy
United Crew Films

Thanks to
Mike Goedecke and Belief Productions

Director Tanya Hamilton

Producer Sheila Doherty

Jamiaca Crew
Camera Franklyn St. Juste

Sound Andre Bidwell

New York Crew
Camera Noah Lerner

Sound Dan Friedlander

"The Harder They Come"
courtesy International Film Management
"Dance Hall Queen" courtesy Polygram
"Dr. No" courtesy MGM
"Wonder Bar" courtesy Warner Bros.

Thanks Ziggi Golding, CPTC, Perry Henzell, Angela Zigler, Yvonne Grant, Cassandra
Boston, Polygram, Jamaica Information Services

On-line Editor
Edith Newman

Post-Production Facilities
Isis Films, NYC

Special thanks to Jonathan Sehring
and Caroline Kaplan at IFC
for making it all possible

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