Split Screen 2000: Episode #61
Projections: Walter Bernstein

Split Screen is shifting gears. In conjunction with the publication of the newest installment of Faber & Faber's splendid Projections, we're showcasing a series of twelve extended interviews unified by the theme of filmmaking in New York. The book, edited by Tod Lippy, features directors, producers, screenwriters, and players who have chosen to live and work (and perhaps find inspiration) in New York. Split Screen/Projections is the on-camera companion piece with a twist. The show's new producer Josh Braun came up with the concept of spicing up each interview with an in-depth look at one of the subject's films - an Oral Probe!

Check out Walter Bernstein's Internet Movie Database Entry (IMDB)

Please also see Walter Bernstein's Book - "Inside Out: A Memoir of the Blacklist" - Knopf 1996.

From Faber & Faber's Projections: Tod Lippy's interview with Walter Bernstein

Projections 11
New York Film-Makers on Film-making
edited by Tod Lippy
faber and faber
© copyright Tod Lippy, 2000

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