Split Screen 2000 - Episode #54

Tonight is the final episode of our original kick-ass, made-by-indie filmmakers magazine format show. So we tried to put together a real good one featuring four of our favorite contributing filmmakers.

Video on Vinyl: Then and Now

First up P.H. O'Brien and Doug Stone go from NYC to London in search of the legacy of the mysterious inventor John Logie Baird. Over the years we've tried to show you some strange and unusual images but have you ever even dreamed about a television image on a record circa 1928?

Focus Group From Hell

Have you ever been the subject of market research? Especially movie market research? Well, if it's conducted by Keythe Farley and filmed by Brian Flemming, who demonstrated their unique techniques on Split Screen last season, you know you're in good hands... sort of.

Multiplex III - The Staff

Finally, our 3rd and last visit to Salem's Museum Place Cinemas. You know, sometimes it's hard to look busy if you have a boring part-time job, and that's what most movie theatre jobs are -- especially in a multiplex between shows when everybody is in the movies. Fortunately, for this crew, P.H. O'Brien was around to keep them company.

Episode #54 Credits

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