Split Screen 2000 - Episode #53

Multiplex II - The Manager

Welcome back to the Museum Place Cinemas - where movies are $1 at all times. Tonight, P.H. O'Brien brings you part II of the series, The Manager.

Woodworking with Bill

You know him from Fargo. He's been in practically every Mamet film and play as well. Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno caught up with William Macy in NYC as he was rehearsing for a revival of American Buffalo. See how he embodies the concept of craftsman.

Bikers R People 2

Bikers get a bad rap. Biker chicks have it even worse. So what happens if a biker chick decides to accentuate the positive through documentary filmmaking? Split Screen's own resident biker chick, Amy Elliott, turns the camera on Barbara Bustillos-Cogswell in sunny Arizona.

La Boda

Hannah Weyer recently completed an enlightening hour-long documentary on a migrant worker's wedding called La Boda. The question is, as she was documenting Elizabeth's life, how was she impacting it? Hannah and Elizabeth let us peek behind the curtain.

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