Split Screen 2000 - Episode #52

Waking Life

Split Screen hung out with Rick Linkater and Surburbia in Episode #2. Episode #16 introduced the innovative work of Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta. Now check out their current collaboration, the uniquely animated feature, "Waking Life".

Alloy in Maui

Buster Keaton and other silent movies are making a comeback thanks, in part, to the unique and lively scores of The Alloy Orchestra. Split Screen takes you with them as they travel to Maui for a seaside performance at the Maui Film Festival.

Multiplex 1 - The Projectionist

Welcome to the Museum Place Cinemas - where movies are $1 at all times. Tonight, P.H. O'Brien takes you into the world of The Projectionist - Sean McKinnon. And Stay Tuned -- because this is just part one of three.

Episode #52 Credits

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