Split Screen '99 - Episode #49 & #50

Kevin Smith Uncensored: This Ain't No Junket
Kevin Smith has been a good luck charm and unofficial co-host for Split Screen from the very beginning in 1997 (before that John repped Clerks for him and Kevin collaborated on the dialogue chapters in Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes.) We went to Quick Stop for Episode #3 and returned to Red Bank, NJ for episode #25. Kevin popped up in a Dockers piece (#22) and pulled John off the Star Wars line (#39) to go to the world premiere of Dogma in Cannes.

"Kevin Smith Uncensored: This Ain't No Junket" is a change-of-pace in every way. First of all it's a 2-part episode, which, despite some unique extras, is more like Charlie Rose than Split Screen's weekly wild ride through the indie film world. Even more unexpectedly, John gave Kevin an opportunity to let his hair down, stop the wisecracks, and take us in depth though the entire controversy-plagued history of his new film Dogma: Disney/Miramax, Bill Donohue, the Catholic League, The Fatima Protesters at the New York Film Festival, his winged baby, the anti-semitic death threat letters, Ben Affleck's buttons. Just because it's a serious conversation doesn't mean there's not time for a deleted two-minute scene in which Jason Lee describes the corruption of hell. Then there's the story about Jason Mewes' dick.

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