Split Screen '99 - Episode #48

Field of Feuds
Build it and they will come. But to "Left and Center Field Of Dreams" or "Field of Dreams Original Movie Site"? Meet the feuding fields where the Field of Dreams was shot. Catcher, wannabe peace-maker, Split Screen's man in the midwest, T.J. Larson helms along with offscreen partner Beth Larson.

The Moth
The Moth is a lively monthly gathering for storytelling. Split Screen's Janet Pierson invites you to come along as filmmakers Tessa Blake, Tamra Jenkins and Matthew Harrison practice this ancient art, stripped bare of sets, camera and cast.

Psst, over here, through the fence. Cool free film showing on some vacant land. Randi Barros and Kerry Reardon take us to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where the residents understand that independence is also important in showing work, not just making it.

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