Split Screen '99 - Episode #46

Manitoba Tonight with Atom Egoyan
Split Screen is not a talk show but from time to time we make room for the Canadian import Manitoba Tonight, conceived by Noam Gonick. Tonight's guest is one of our very favorite directors, the brilliant Atom Egoyan.

Jesus Video Project
In Easter 1998, Dr. Bob Cosby sent out 1.8 million copies of a video called "Jesus" to every resident in Alabama. "I believe it is our duty and obligation to use the best tool that god has ever provided in the history of man to share Jesus Christ with those with whom we are in contact." Split Screen's Amy Elliott investigates.

Picturing Home
If you were looking for authentic moving images of the deep South's historical past you'd be out of luck -- until now. Two U. of Mississippi historians found filmed local history in an unlikely place - at home. Split Screen's Amy Elliott drives deep into the delta.

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