Split Screen '99 - Episode #43

Waiting for Marty
Martin Scorsese is, in many ways, the ultimate New Yorker in addition to being one of the world's greatest filmmakers. So what's it like when he leaves home turf to accept an award in the midwest? Ohioan Steve Bognar mapped the reaction of the local fans.

Lunch Break with Michael & John
Two Friends. Two Italian-Americans. Two terrific actors who've graced the sets of dozens of independent features in the last few years. Mary Lou Bongiorno catches up with Michael Imperioli and John Ventimiglia during a lunchbreak from their latest gig, The Sopranos.

Casablanca: New and Improved
Movie marketing now dominates the industry but words like market research screening or focus group make the modern day filmmaker cringe. So why not remove the unpleasant stress by testing an all-time movie classic - or at least that's what Brian Flemming and marketing wizard Keythe Farley thought.

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