Split Screen '99 - Episode #42

Filmmaking Cop
Filmmakers are always drawn to portraying cops. Eugene Hernandez and Jonny Leahan found a cop who's drawn to making films. Meet one of NYPD's finest, Bill Lappe.

Down the Drain with Blaine
Minicams have revolutionized underground film. And we mean really underground. Texans George Ratliff and Tommy Pallotta voyage with former Amarillan Blaine Teal to the depths.

Ross McElwee 101
Split Screen's super editor Mike LaHaie took a break from the Avid. Together with fellow wannabe documentarian John Lee, he made a pilmagrage to one of his (and Split Screen's) very favorite filmmakers, Ross McElwee. "We were hoping that together we could learn something about making films by yourself"

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