Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

Sarah Price
Sarah Price grew up around the world, attended high school in Germany and Kenya, and now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sarah has been making films and videos since 1988, recently collaborating with Chris Smith on American Movie (Sony Pictures Classics, Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary/ Sundance Film Festival 1999). Professional credits include Director of Photography on Lisa Gildehaus' Oracle of Omaha (The Warren Buffett Story), Co-editor of Chris Smith's American Job (Sundance Film Festival 1996), Sound on Michael Moore's The Big One, segment contributor to Split Screen, and Tour Manager of the 1997 FUEL FILM TOUR. She recently completed the feature doc Caesar's Park (Best of Fest, Edinburgh Film Festival 2000) and is currently working on distribution, as well as teaching at the University of Iowa and playing drums in her band, Competitorr.

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