Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

Suki Stetson Hawley & Michael Galinsky

Director, Editor - Suki Stetson Hawley

Suki Hawley is a filmmaker living in New York City. Her first feature, HALF-COCKED, documented the tour of an indie-rock band in the South, and her skill was praised in Daily Variety: "Half-Cocked co-creators Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky are indie-rock scene veterans, experience that shows in every frame." As testament to the film's loyalty to its subject, the highly acclaimed Matador Records offered support before the script was finished and has now put out the soundtrack and the video.

Currently, Suki is editing the feature film RADIATION that she directed in Spain in November of '97. The film should be completed this spring.

Suki is editing a documentary she produced about jazz saxophonist David S. Ware. In addition, she assistant produced a segment for the news program Edgewise for MSNBC about the life of a New Jersey cover band. In the narrative film realm, Suki recently line produced the 35mm feature TROUBLE ON THE CORNER - featuring Tony Goldwyn, Debi Mazar, Joe Morton, Giancarlo Esposito, and Roger Rees - still in post-production.

Since graduating from the film program at Wesleyan University in 1991, Suki has worked in the cutting rooms at Roger Corman's studio in LA., at the Sundance Institute in both L.A. and Utah, and on many independent films in New York - including PARTY GIRL and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. She has directed and edited several music videos for bands such as England's Spaceheads, Geffen's Cell, and Thrill Jockey's Gaunt.

Writer, Cinematographer - Michael Galinsky

Michael Galinsky is the bass player in the New York band Sleepyhead and cofounder of the band Laptop. He is also a professional photographer, whose work has been used on numerous album covers and in several magazines, including Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Option, and The Sun. His first book of photographs will be published this year by Verse Chorus Verse Press.

In October of '97 Michael shot the feature film RADIATION that is currently being edited. Michael has been involved in the film community for over seven years. He wrote, photographed and co-directed the film HALF-COCKED. Recently he co-produced two short films for MSNBC's documentary show Edgewise He has shot and directed several music videos. Other experience includes production assistance and research on numerous documentaries, photographing production stills, set designing, prop mastering, location scouting and assisting second unit camera for television. He is also working on a documentary about saxophonist David S. Ware.

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