Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

Josh Braun: Producer
(Episodes 51-66)

Josh Braun was born and raised in Manhattan. Fastidiously avoiding any formal higher education, Josh was inspired by the RAMONES to start or join a number of infamous rock bands with his twin brother Dan in the late 70's and early 80's with such luminaries as JIM JARMUSCH, MICHAEL GIRA, and MADONNA. The Brauns also provided music for early experimental filmmakers such as Beth B and Julia Heyward. Josh and Dan still write and produce music for television and film.

Josh worked during this period at Film and Video Arts in production and as a freelance promo editor. This led to producing rock videos such as “Stay Right Here” by the Brauns' band DEEP SIX, which was directed by Mark Pellington.

From 1984 until 1999, Josh worked with The Fremantle Corporation, an international Television distribution company. As the company's Senior Vice President, Josh was responsible for sales, production, co-productions, acquisitions and business affairs with such programs as BAYWATCH, GRACE UNDER FIRE, ALL MY CHILDREN, THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, SOUTH PARK, THE PRICE IS RIGHT and many others.

In 1994 Josh discovered young television personality Nick Scoullar on cable access and developed and created the series THE ANTI GRAVITY ROOM with Scoullar. The series ran for three years on the Sci Fi Channel and YTV in Canada and had the distinction of being the only television show about comic books. The series won the Canadian Cable TV association (the Canadian Emmys) award as best series. Josh was a judge for the 1998 Eisner Awards (the comic book industry “Oscars”) and is writing (with Scoullar) a comic book review column for the pop culture magazine GLUE. josh also writes film reviews for GLUE and also recently joined the board of advisors of the Sante Fe Film Festival.

Josh is currently producing John Pierson's television series SPLIT SCREEN, which airs on the Independent Film Channel. Josh is also the Executive Producer of the upcoming documentary special HOLLYWOOD DC on the Bravo Network.

Josh Braun is a managing partner of Submarine, a television, internet and advertising production company in New York City working with clients such as Absolut Vodka and Kate Spade.

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