Episode #41 Credits

Created and Hosted by
John Pierson

Howard Bernstein
Eureka Pictures

Associate Producer
Michael LaHaie

Executive Producers
Janet Pierson
John Pierson

Production Associate
Howard Gertler
Eureka Pictures

Assistant Editors
Laura Poitras
John Lee

Eileen Schreiber

Greg Sirota

Still Photographer
Amy Elliott

Opening produced by
Karl Bourke

Theme Music by
Josh Braun and Dan Braun

Christopher Walken Cooks
Producer Doug Stone

Special Guests Julien Schnabel

Co-producer Michael LaHaie

Camera P.H. O'Brien
Amy Elliott

Special Thanks
Angela Carbonetti, Gene Parseghian,
Kent Alterman, and everyone at
Dom's, Fat Choy Market, Il Cortile, and Cha-Cha's

The Incredibly Strange Director Who Stopped
Directing and Became a Dog-Man Extra
Producer Doug Stone
Camera P.H. O'Brien
Additional Editing Laura Poitras

"Hardware" courtesy Millimeter Films
"Dust Devil" courtesy Miramax Films
"The Island of Lost Souls"
courtesy MCA/Universal
"The Island of Dr. Moreau" (1977)
courtesy American International Pictures
"The island of Dr. Moreau" (1996)
courtesy New Line Cinema

Special Thanks
Richard Stanley, Keith Bearden, Louis Theroux,
and David Hughes

Producer/Editor Brian Flemming

Camera Hiroki Miyano

Wickstead Interview Phil Aromando

"Nadja" courtesy October Films
"The Doctors" courtesy Eric Saks
"Don From Lakewood"
courtesy Videoactive Releasing
"Beaned (Starbucks Protest)" courtesy Sasha
"Slacker" courtesy Orion Pictures
"Glass Jaw" courtesy Michael O'Reilly

Special Thanks
Paul Becca, Gerry Fialka, Michael O'Reilly
Laurie Oravec at Fisher-Price, David Riddle
Eric Saks, Sasha, James Wickstead, Joe West,
and the Pixelvision Mailing List

On-line Editor
John Young

Post-Production Facilities
Isis Films, NYC

Special thanks to Jonathan Sehring
and Caroline Kaplan at IFC
for making it all possible

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