Episode #19 Credits

Created By
John & Janet Pierson

Howard Bernstein
Eureka Pictures

Michael LaHaie

Written, co-produced
and occasionally directed by
John Pierson

Associate Producers
Michael LaHaie
Marina Zenovich

Assistant Editor
Laurie Poitras

Opening theme, "The Bao Tao"
composed by
Tom Pomposello
Art Labriola
Performed by Oil Can
Available on Re-Signed CD
Once Were the Pastures of Plenty

Split Screen On the Road
Camera P.H. O'Brien
Driver/Stills Amy Elliot

Selective Service System
Director/Producer Bill Daniel
Editor Don Howard

On-Line Editor Glen Dill

On-Line Facility Rocket Productions
Austin, Texas

"Selective Service System"
courtesy Warren Haack and Dan Lovejoy

Hurricane Teens
Director Linda Goode Bryant

The Girls Eboni Booth
Bonnie Massey
Isidra Vega
Merritt Wever

Camera Linda Goode Bryant
Laura Poitras
Izzy Ramirez
Isidra Vega
Merritt Wever

Music composed and performed by
Graham Haynes

Special Thanks
Dr. Linda Masson-Kingsley and the
LaGuardia High School
Department of Drama

Maria and Charlie Vega
for their generosity and patience

Louis Manski
for equipment and technical support

Casting Call
Director Bill Judkins
Producer Pearl Lieberman
Camera Marcus Hore

Sound Richard Flemming

Graphics Sebastian Kaupert

(in order of appearance)
Brendon Gallagher
Matthew Chaston
Bryan Hanna
Blair Martin

Special Thanks
Geoffrey O'Connor & COA

On-line Editor
Edith Newman

Post-Production Facilities
Isis Films, NYC

Executive Producer
Janet Pierson

Special thanks to Jonathan Sehring
and Caroline Kaplan at IFC
for making it all possible

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