Episode #27 - Season Three


The Shoestore
Making films. Selling shoes. It's all tied together for LA actor/director Steven Proto who just so happened to enlist the help of America's greatest living film director, Billy Wilder.

How'd You Do That? Working with a Deaf Actress
Isn't making an indie film hard enough? Add in the challenges and joys of working with a deaf actress. Yvonne Welbon continues with her series, How'd You Do That?

Dennis Woodruff: Cast Me!
Fame for success or fame for failure? Brian Flemming and Keythe Farley ride along with LA's most famous nonworking actor.

Seymore Butts: Filmmaker
Pushing the form in documentary? What about pornography? Sundance Winner Todd Phillips discusses form and function with Seymore Butts in his LA mansion.

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