Episode #20 - Season Two

Aspen, Colorado

Mr MovieFone
"Hello and welcome to MovieFone!" Doug Stone and PH O'Brien pay a visit to Russ Leatherman, Mr. MovieFone himself.

Al Milgrom: The Last Crusade
Come meet the Minneapolis 'czar of cinema.' TJ and Beth Larson spend some time with the passionate head of the U. Film Society, Al Milgrom.

Driver 23
Filmmaker Rolf Belgum follows Dan Cleveland and his heavy metal band Dark Horse in their ascent to superstardom...if they can get the band equipment up the stairs of Dan's basement.

Cosmic Society
"Who ya gonna call?...Cosmic Society!!" Amy Elliot and Lizzie Dornius introduce you to a company whose business is filming what can't be seen by the human eye.

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