Episode #14 - Season Two

"The first shots of the Civil War were fired right here at Ft. Sumter, and it's still not over."

"We're heading south - deep south. And with every passing mile the Split Screen RV just keeps getting more and more comfy."

It's Elementary
"How'd You Do That" returns. What if you've made a documentary, but no one will show it? Yvonne Welbon celebrates the triumphant self-distribution saga of the provocative "It's Elementary."

Cotton Fields
Charleston, SC, the only place to go if you're making a Civil War picture or slavery era epic. Local producer Peter Wentworth shares some local secrets.

Carl Franklin
Phil Bertelsen visits with director Carl Franklin. Carl's gone from playing the "sidekick" to making his own movies exactly the way he wants to from "One False Move" to his newest "One True Thing."

American Breakdown
Ever wonder what's the deal with that broken down vehicle on the side of the road? West Virginian filmmaker Jacob Young shares a sample from his ongoing project "American Breakdown."

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