Episode #12 - Season Two

"So it's goodbye NY, NY. Next stop Washington, DC."

"When the President shows independent films at the White House and the Smithsonian opens its doors to the likes of us, you know indie film has permeated the whole culture."

Split Screen RV driver Amy Elliott and filmmaking partner Lizzie Donius compare the relative difficulty of making a film ("Headless") vs. running the New York City Marathon. They did both.

John Wayne's Hairpiece
Dorothy's ruby slippers are on public display, but where do you go to see her socks? Or John Wayne's hairpiece? Or Superman's cape? Smithsonian Institution's Historian David Shayt takes us behind the scenes.

How'd You Do That?: IFFCON
Yvonne Welbon travels to San Francisco's International Film Financing Conference (IFFCON) to try to answer the biggest question in indie film: Where is the money and how do I get it?

EZ Rider
As the miles click off on the Split Screen odometer, Filmmakers Doug Stone and P.H. O'Brien track obsessive fans Jack Barth and Trey Ellis from Los Angeles to Louisiana.as they pay tribute to the movie that seemed to send half the population out on the road looking for America - 1969's "Easy Rider." With the help of a Chevy Venture minivan and Dan "Grizzly Adams" Haggerty, they recapture and rekindle that 30-year-old "Easy Rider" spirit

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