Episode #11 - Season Two Premiere

The Giant Killer
Is a low-budget sci-fi movie an oxymoron? Guin Turner and sister Annalee Lanier give their all to help sci-fi obsessee Sam Saldivar.

Pocket Cinema
Split Screen's ace editor Michael LaHaie puts on an eyepatch and goes to Windsor, Ontario to experience Viennese visionary Gustav Deutch's "film in a box." It's a "one-minute-film loop x 100 extravaganza."

Lady In Red
Slamdance '97. A filmmaker spots the woman of his dreams. He turns away. She disappears. Marina Zenovich was filming. Can they find her?

Blair Witch
We revisit last season's cliffhanger about the three film students who disappeared trying to document the Blair Witch. Dan Myrick and his Haxan Films partners give us a look at the footage found in the muddy duffel bag.

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