Episode #4 Credits

Some of the Talented Filmmakers Who Work With John Pierson On Split Screen

The Independent Film Channel presents a Grainy Pictures production

Split Screen   (#4)

Created by      John & Janet Pierson

Producers       Howard Bernstein
                Tim Perell

Editor  	Michael LaHaie

Written, co-produced and occasionally directed by     John Pierson

Opening Theme, The Bao Tao, composed by Tom Pomposello and Art Labriola.
Performed by Oil Can.  Available on Re:Signed CD Once Were The Pastures
of Plenty.

Bob the Mailman in L.A.
        Director        Jerry Lentz
        Camera  	Thomas Callaway
                        Bob Camp
                        Jerry Lentz
        Sound           Peter Meiselmann
        Editing 	Benjamin Stokes
                        David Parker
        Music           Marshall Such
                        David Wurst
        Animation       Tony Salmon
                        Aaron Smith
                        Bob Camp
        Thanks to       Bob's Classy Lady
                        Bob's Shoe Shine
                        Erin Elliot
                        Jacqueline Mitchell
                        Creative Support Svcs.
                        Mike Hogan

Cold Spring Workshop
        Camera  	Chris Smith
        Sound           Sarah Price
        Music written and performed by Muckafurgason

        Workshop clips courtesy of individual filmmakers
        "Asylum"                      	P.H. O'Brien   		N. Reading, MA

        "David Searching"             	Leslie Smith    	Arkadelphia, AR/New York, NY

        "The Escape" &			Chris Smith     	Milwaukee, WI
        "American Job"                

        Funhouse Video &		Darren Doane    	Los Angeles, CA

        "Without Evidence"		Eric R. Epperson        Portland, OR

        "Holy Cow Swami"		Jacob Young     	Morgantown, WV/Nashville TN

        "They Walk Among Us"		Jim Heneghan    	New York, NY

        "Out of the Loop"             	Scott Petersen  	Chicago, IL

        When visiting Cold Spring, NY, enjoy fine dining at the Northgate at 
        Dockside Harbor....and don't forget to visit the post office!

Just Another Dance
        Director        Marina Zenovich
        Camera  	Jeffrey L. Weaver
        Sound           Tim Duquette
        Thanks  	Craig Adams
                        Jeffrey Jarrett
        "Aimless" courtesy of Minor Motion Picture Productions
        "Let it Go," "As Many As," "Materialize"
        Performed by Smart Brown Handbag
        Written by David Steinart

        "Groovy Side"
        Performed by Velvet Chain
        Written by Jeff Stacey
        Courtesy of Freak Productions

        Additional Footage courtesy of Rick Caine Productions
        This is a work in progress documentary sponsored by
        The International Documentary Association.
        A Graceful Pictures Production

Cold Spring Wraparounds
        Camera  	Scott Sinkler
On-Line Editor  	Jon Fordham

Executive Producers     Marlen Hecht
                        Dean Silvers

Special thanks to Jim McDonald and Teatown Video for making it all

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A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema

(c)  1997  Grainy Pictures, Inc.

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