Episode #5 Credits

Some of the Talented Filmmakers Who Work With John Pierson On Split Screen

The Independent Film Channel presents a Grainy Pictures production

Split Screen   (#5)

Created by		John & Janet Pierson

Producers		Howard Bernstein
			Tim Perell

Editor			Michael LaHaie
Assoc. Producer

Written, co-produced and occasionally directed by     John Pierson

Opening Theme, The Bao Tao, composed by Tom Pomposello and Art Labriola.
Performed by Oil Can.  Available on Re:Signed CD Once Were The Pastures of Plenty.

Screenwriting: An Exact Science
  	With 		Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming
	Directed by	Brian Flemming
	Camera		Gregory Stacy
	Sound		Jeremy Bryan
	Thanks to Mike Goedecke at Belief Productions
	To take David S. Freeman's screenwriting seminar, call (310) 394-6556.  It costs $325.

Nine Months
	Directed by	Guin Turner
	Camera		Eileen Schreiber
	Sound		Betsy Nagler
	"I Shot Andy Warhol"  
	The Samuel Goldwyn Company Metromedia

	Camera		Eileen Schreiber
	Sound		Betsy Nagler
On-Line Editor		Jon Fordham

Executive Producers	Marlen Hecht
			Dean Silvers

Special thanks to Jim McDonald and Teatown Video for making it all possible.

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A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema

(c)  1997  Grainy Pictures, Inc.

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