Where to begin? As of 13 February, 2002, I've really taken over the world's most remote movie theater, the 180 Meridian Cinema, village of Wairiki, island of Taveuni, republic of Fiji, South Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of showing free movies in a media-free, no-electricity environment/market...which also happens to be paradise. Oh yeah, I'm writing a new book and making a documentary about the project called "Coconut Wireless" or "Reel Paradise" or "I May Burn in Hell, But It Won't Be For Showing Movies." (It's too soon to pick.) It's a social experiment and a grand adventure rolled into one, especially when my game, yet slightly skeptical American family joins in (paging HBO). There are only two forms of group entertainment here - church or cinema. Now we've matched the admission price. Drop in for a visit anytime. I've got a spacious, airy, solar-powered, 120-year old termite-infested, bees in the walls, geckos for bug control plantation house.

Photos from Fiji
(Photos by Janet Pierson)


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