How can I contact John and Janet Pierson or anyone else at Grainy Pictures?

There are two ways to contact us at Grainy. The first is via e-mail at Before you send your messages, please make sure you have read our disclaimers and this FAQ. Be specific in your message, spam is a real problem.

The second way is via the phone. Our voice number is: (512) 697-9547.

What is Grainy Pictures?

Check out John's bio and Top 24. Run by John and Janet Pierson.

What about submitting films?

You're welcome to send us your 1/2" vhs tapes or DVDs, but keep in mind the following. We no longer work actively as producer reps, and even when we did, we were extremely selective, getting involved with at most one or two films a year. When you do send in your film, make sure to check back with us every couple of weeks until it's been seen. If you want your film returned, you must include a SASE.

Are there other reps we recommend?

At this point there are dozens, if not hundreds, of self-declared reps and/or completion financiers with or without portfolios. As a matter of policy, we have no comment on anyone. And when you think about it, you should quickly come to the realization that the only opinions that should really count are those of other filmmakers who have used the services of that rep. That's the way we would want to be judged.

What is Grainy's policy on accepting script submissions?

Please do not send scripts! We won't read them because we don't produce films from the script stage. Even John's longtime friends have to make him feel guilty to get him to read their screenplays. We read books, lots of books - fiction and non-fiction.

I've just finished my first feature film, ... or I'm a young filmmaker... and I need a little advice.

We're getting out of the advice business. Here are some alternatives. Read Spike, Mike Reloaded to learn much of what we do know. Keep in mind that what may have worked for someone else won't necessarily work for you. Clerks is a tremendously successful and entertaining film.. That doesn't mean that your version of four guys sitting around on the couch, watching TV, talking about being out of work and sex will be. In both your filmmaking and screening strategies, you should strive for originality and pay attention to your own voice, not some abstract formula.

Join your local film support organizations (like AIVF, IFP West, MidWest, North, East). Read Filmmaker Magazine and the Independent. Subscribe to the IndieWire. Research the festival circuit with an eye towards premiere policies, industry presence, press coverage, competition, and kind of audience to determine your best strategy. Don't get locked into one way of thinking. Most importantly, talk to other filmmakers both successful and not.

When is Split Screen on? New episodes?

Please see here for more information about Split Screen and where it went.

Can I buy a VHS copy of Split Screen?

Officially, not just yet. However, if you're desperate for a particular episode, please email us your most ardent, shameless plea. Sadly our attempts over the last year to release a 4 DVD Best of Split Screen anthology got stalled. Between Chris Walken cooking exploding shrimp and Bruce Willis' bullies manhandling our camera crew, there must be an audience.

I'd like more information on the Annual Cold Spring Film Workshop

For five years starting in 1992, we held our annual Cold Spring Film Workshop for 75 handpicked (generally first-time) filmmakers. We'd meet on a July weekend in a chapel overlooking the Hudson River in Cold Spring for two+ days of talking, getting to know one another, meeting some 20 other director-producer-distributor type friends, and seeing one film together. Filmmaker attendees were selected based on our interest in the work they'd submitted to us during the year. It was our way of reaching out to a larger group of filmmakers than we could accomodate as producer reps or completion financiers. It was low cost (graciously underwritten by Miramax in its later years) and all about accessibility, honesty, and intimacy.

It was great fun while it lasted. We were fortunate in hosting a wonderful group of filmmakers and resource friends over the five years.

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Disclaimer: Do not send scripts! We won't read them because we don't produce films from the script stage.

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